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Heat Pump, Electric Air Handler & Gas Furnace Maintenance, Replacement & Repair

Living in Texas, we don’t often think about our heating systems until we need them. If the temperatures drop and your home just wont warm up, give us a call. Maner Heating & Cooling replaces and repairs heat pump, electric air handler, and gas furnace systems. 

We also offer an annual maintenance plan to give you that peace of mind each year that your heater is ready to get you through those cold days. Learn more about our Maner Priority Care (MPC membership) here.

Do you think you may need to replace or repair your heating system?

Use this checklist when you start using your heating system this fall:

Are some areas of the house not getting warm?

Is there an odor? Does it smell like gas?

Is your pilot out?

is there any strange noise coming from the furnace

Is it running constantly? or turning on and off too often?

Is the blower fan constantly blowing?

Are breakers tripping when the heat kicks on?

Are your utility bills getting higher and higher in the cold months?

Is your heating system more than 15 years old?

Safety Note:

What You Should Know If You Have A Gas Furnace:

If you have an older gas furnace, rust can begin to clog the burners. Blockage in a gas furnace will lower the efficiency of your system and raise your energy usage. Older gas furnaces use up to 15% more energy than newer models. Blockage and damage to your gas furnace can also potentially endanger you and your family if there is carbon monoxide built up. 


Gas furnaces should be checked for gas and carbon monoxide leaks yearly. Contact us to set up a service call

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