AC Tune up & Repair

AC Tune-ups & Repairs When You Need Them Most!

Maner Heating & Cooling is here for you when the temperatures are rising. Schedule a tune-up if it's been a while since an HVAC specialist had a look at your system or if you suspect something needs repair. If your system can't keep up with the Texas heat, we can help. Contact us today to set up a repair, diagnostic, or a tune-up. To avoid costly repairs in the future or to take advantage of repairs at a discounted rate as your system ages, we also offer an annual maintenance membership. Learn more about our Maner Priority Care (MPC membership) here. 

Justin, Maner Heating & Cooling Technician

Has it been a while since you had an AC tune-up?

Getting your air conditioning system tuned up can improve the efficiency and reliability of your unit. One of our experienced technicians will inspect and provide you with valuable information & the current status of your system.

AC tune-ups are a good preventative measure to help preserve the life of your equipment. During your AC tune-up our HVAC specialists can assess your system and provide you with honest recommendations to improve the performance and longevity of your cooling system.

What’s included in your AC tune-up?

Inspection of all major AC components

Measure amps drawn from the compressor

Measure motor for volts/amps

Inspect filters

Visual Ductwork Inspection

Inspect Blower Motors

Test Thermostats

Inspect Condensor coil

Water wash coil

Inspect Indoor coils

Inspect Fan Blade

Check Refrigerant Levels & Pressure

Contactor Test & Inspection

Check For Exposed Wires

Capacitor Test & Inspection

Service Valve Inspection

Measure Supply & Return Temerature Differential

Inspect Condensate drain & Pan

Compressor Inspection

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